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Impossible is just an opinion

We will organize fast and secure delivery from your developers to your customers. boredDevOps are systems infrastructure perfectionists, passionate about security, best practice solutions and innovation. We believe that impossible is just an opinion!

Delivering business value

boredDevOps allows you to focus on delivering business value instead of spending energy on upgrading systems infrastructure. boredDevOps boosts IT infrastructure productivity, helps deploy and run applications more efficiently.

Top-notch delivery

We are systems and networks infrastructure experts with master’s degrees in computer science and 10 years of practical experience in Linux systems administration. Specializing in High Availability/Performance and Network security consulting. We focus on processes automation for delivery of scalable, fast, secure software and products development. We fine-tune and optimize heavily loaded web-servers and building high availability multi-data center infrastructures. boredDevOps built dozens of IaaC modules across multiple clouds that are used in production around the globe.
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