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boredDevOps can help you get your entire infrastructure defined as code.
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Continuous Deployment

Assembly, delivery and deployment. From any Git version to a completed application. Pipelines for any CI / CD solutions. Whether you are writing your services in PHP, Python or any other language, we will make sure that your application is delivered on time from your team to your customers.

Infrastructure As A Code

Description of your infrastructure according to given specification. Whether you have a cluster of VPS servers, or Amazon Web Services cloud, we will select the optimal systems infrastructure architecture for your business, and describe it with Terraform / Puppet / Chef / Ansible / SaltStack.


Kubernetes Is our preferred technologie, and we are working with it daily. We will help you develop a microservice architecture, containerize it and forward them to Kubernetes either on bare-metal servers or on cloud solutions and services.

Security / Compliance

boredDevOps are perfectionists with deadlines, when it comes to servers and data security. We can configure your systems for certifications (e.g. HIPAA / PCI). Configure DDoS to protect your resources. We will fix and close vulnerabilities in your system.

High Availability

We design and implement fault-tolerant high-loaded computing systems. Maximize availability of services for your clients and their satisfaction with the services you provide.

Infrastructure Audit

We will conduct audit of your infrastructure to define any bottlenecks, security breaches or where resources optimization is required. We will provide professional recommendations according to relevant standards and best practices, subsequently implement the changes according to your business needs.


Everything, that you haven't found in previous description of services, is here. We install and, if necessary, implement long-term support for any kind of servers and server-side services.

24/7 Monitoring

boredDevOps sets up monitoring and notification of resources availability. We provide 24/7 critical case support.
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